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by Richard

GreenTree Photo was born out of a life-long passion for photography, and a desire to share this passion. We are not professional photographers, just keen amateurs who are driven by the beauty of the world around us and the hunger to capture it.

Richard Lisle is the founder and main writer, with Cheryl Walton who provides additional contributions.

Richard Lisle

about Richard Lisle


I'm a Londoner living on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy.

The road to becoming a photographer has been a long one, but I still haven’t reached my destination. For me it all started in the pre-digital age with a fully manual SLR camera that I bought with my first pay packet. It taught me the basics and an understanding of light. Now, as a graduate of the Institute of Photography, I aim to produce high-energy photography that shows the beauty, grace and strength of the city and of those who live in or pass through it, and which delivers an emotional impact.

And when I’m not out taking photographs, I do some website design and I’m the father of a most wonderful teenage daughter.

If you have to explain a photograph with words, then it has not achieved its goal. A good photograph communicates silently, touching the heart of the viewer.

IOP member

Cheryl Walton

I got my first camera when I was 41 years old. I had no interest in photography until we moved out to the country. What made me want to buy a camera and start to do photography? One word will answer that question, BIRDS.

Up until April 2012 our family lived in town. Not much wildlife to be seen. Upon moving to the country, we entered a while new area to what wildlife we saw. Four weeks after moving I saw my first Kereru (New Zealand Pigeon) in our plum tree right outside our kitchen window. I remember ringing my husband that afternoon telling him that I wanted a camera. And that was the start of it. I am now hooked on birds and bird photography.

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